Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Online Distributor of Wholesale Handbags CERIWholesale.com Offers Retailers Top Trendy Handbags for Spring

CERIWholesale.com stashes up on the trendiest wholesale handbags for the coming spring season. With over 50 styles of the trendiest wholesale handbags coming in weekly, retailers now have the benefit of choosing the trendiest wholesale at the best wholesale prices - all in one wholesale handbags distributor.

City of Industry, CA (Press Release) February 5, 2008 -- Women and handbags go almost hand in hand. Handbags are a necessity in any woman’s wardrobe. With this knowledge, retailers are constantly in a manic frenzy, searching high and low for that perfect wholesale handbags distributor who would carry the best wholesale handbags at the best price. As any retailer would tell you, finding that wholesale handbags distributor is considered as the most crucial part of their business. The products that these stores carry will definitely dictate if they will make or lose it. In the end, it’s all about choosing the best wholesale handbags distributor, who has the best styles and the best value for money.

Aside from the wholesale handbags having a superb quality, the price should also be quite low for retailers to gain a relatively high profit margin. In addition, the style of the wholesale handbags should always be trendy and eye-catching to ensure that it tickles the fancies of women.

Interestingly enough, it is said that women of today carries almost anything and everything in their handbags, except maybe the kitchen sink. Huge handbags are fashion’s top trendy picks for the coming season. With springtime being a very colorful season, large handbags in bright candy colors and floral designs will be the hottest pick. Metallic bags will still remain a favorite and is even predicted to remain hot in the coming seasons. So, stash up on these popular wholesale handbags as women will definitely go hunting for the coming season’s fashionable picks.

CERIWholesale.com, an online distributor of wholesale handbags has once again expanded their vast collection of stylish and trendy wholesale handbags. With over 50 styles of handbags added on a weekly basis, retailers and resellers are sure to have the latest wholesale handbags at any given season.

The company also takes pride in its high capability of having a sharp eye for what’s hot and what’s not for the current season.

"We constantly research on what the season’s trends are. We pick the best out of the best and choose only the most fashionable wholesale handbags to offer to retailers," says Joanne Han, CERIWholesale.com Product Manager.

Aside from just having a vast selection of wholesale handbags, CERIWholesale.com is able to offer resellers and retailers the best quality wholesale handbags at the most competitive prices.

“Establishing strong partnership with carefully selected handbag manufacturers is the reason behind our low wholesale prices,” adds Joanne Han.

“We choose the best handbag manufacturers and suppliers by going to different trade shows. We even visit the manufacturer’s showroom ourselves to ensure that our retailers get the best wholesale handbags possible,” ends Joanne.

In the end, a strategic business partnership with CERIWholesale.com will result to retailers selling high quality and trendy wholesale handbags while maximizing their profits at the same time.

About CERIWholesale.com

Headquartered in the City of Industry, CA, CERIWholesale.com is a well-established wholesale handbags distributor, as well as of shoes and other fashion accessories. They offer thousands of products, with new items added on a weekly basis. The main purpose of the company is to offer the highest quality wholesale handbags and other products at the most competitive prices. CERIWholesale.com is an online distributor of wholesale handbags and other fashion products; purchasing of individual items is not available.

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