Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Choose Your Shoes – According to Gwen Stacy of the Amazing Spider-Man

Oops. Wrong person. We actually meant Emma Stone, who has continuously impressed the fashion police with her choice of footwear, every time she has gone out to promote the Amazing Spider-Man. Unfortunately, not everyone can be the superstar that she is – with millions of money available to possibly purchase women’s shoes to mix and match, whenever there is an event. Not only that, she probably has her own stylist to make sure that she looks good, every time she is out there on the red carpet.

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Base your shoes on Emma Stone's Style

So, if you’re just an ordinary person, trying to make sure that you can perfect your look every time you go out, how do you know that you’ve chosen the right pair of shoes?

1. Consider the event and location

If there’s one thing Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy of the Amazing Spider-Man) has perfected during her promotion of her movie, it’s that she wears her outfits to suit the event and location she’s going to. Never too underdressed or overdressed, Gwen – oops – Emma ensures that she is perfectly dressed, depending on the location she may be in. Considering the event and location is important to know how you should wear your shoes. If the location is in a cold area, wearing open shoes may not be a good idea. If you’re going to a formal event, sandals and slippers may not be ideal, either.

2. Consider your outfit and its color

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Spicing up a formal outfit. Photo from

Besides the type of event and location, it is always important to know your outfit and its color before choosing your shoes. Once you know the color of your clothes, you can make sure that the color of your shoes will match the outfit as well. Emma Stone, known for wearing brilliantly color-coordinated outfits gets high marks for complimenting her clothes with just the right colored shoes. Pairing a boring set of formal clothes with chic, red shoes is definitely one way to make a fashion statement. If you have plenty of events to go to, purchasing cheap wholesale womans shoes at one time, may just be the most budget-friendly option you have. From there, you can mix and match your shoes to your outfits.

3. Consider your comfort

Unlike Emma Stone who is probably already used to wearing high heels during formal events, you have to consider your own comfort over dressing like your favorite Spidey-love. Can you handle 5 inches of pain heels? If you can, go ahead and choose the prettiest shoes. However, if you’re not used to walking around in heels, mix and match your shoes from 5 inch high heels to flats or even 3 inch heels to give you a starting point in training your feet.

While you might idolize Emma Stone and her alter-ego Gwen Stacy, remember, you are different – not only in style and in lifestyle, but also in your experience and outfits available.

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